The white shirt Is Suit For People In The Workplace

The white shirt is right, the workplace is beautiful!

Recently, the weather has gradually turned cold,

and many girls have begun to pull out their shirts to wear.

Among them, the white shirt is a common item in the wardrobe of most people.

For example, Megan wore one on an event.

The white shirt from her designer’s friend Misha Nonoo’s eponymous brand has a classic style and simply pulls over the sleeves.

It looks a bit like her lawyer’s dress in “Suits”.

When Lai went to the hospital to visit the old king, he also wore a white shirt.

Long sleeves that look simple, with Hugo Boss white shoes and Mango plaid pants,

because they don’t emphasize the waist and a slightly loose fit,

so there is a natural and casual after work.

It seems that not only the workplace girl likes to use a white shirt to commute,

even the royal family members are no exception,

from time to time will take it out to wear, to cope with the public scene.

And similar to the office workers, they will not play too fancy, basically the daily look, the professional women can rest assured to learn.

So today, let’s start with the royal family’s look, and there are some practical tips and Tips for the workplace girl.

1.Pick a “basic section” with details

Although the white shirt is a very basic item, it is a must in the workplace, but it must be chosen, but not too basic.Because of the simplest style, it is not just a set to wear the charm.After all, this kind of temperament is very mysterious, and in daily life, there is no makeup, light and filter when the star takes a hard photo. So the way to compare insurance is to make a difference on the basics. Find some styles with a slight sense of design, which not only guarantees that there is no mistake in general, but also does not be too mediocre and “boring”.


The collar of the white shirt has a lot of thoughts to play with, such as “Lapel + Small V-neck”, which is one of them. It not only reduces the seriousness of the lapel, but also has the effect of lengthening the neck, which is in line with the daily office scene.

The white shirt

2.White shirt + skirt

When it comes to white shirts and skirts in the workplace, many people will think of a very OL-style pencil skirt. You have performed in reality and drama, respectively. In addition, in fact, white shirts can also be matched with long skirts and even dress skirts. There are more than one princess in this operation.

The white shirt

Ok, today’s white shirts about the royal women are shared here. Do you think that the shirts mentioned above are more grassy? Which princess can best wear the temperament of a white shirt? Also, what are the recommended white shirt brands?

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