Parent-child dressing

Parent-child dressing

It is often said that when you are a mother,

you will dedicate yourself to childcare and housework all day long,

and you will say goodbye to fashion.

After all, you can’t just think about dressing up yourself,

and you don’t dare to try different styles as you grow older.

There are even a lot of mothers who are rushing to the children,

only to buy new clothes for the children,

and when they are out of the street, they seem to be in a different world with their children.

However, these mothers can still achieve fashion and parenting after they have had children, and they will create a unique model with children!

Also for the majority of mothers to provide a variety of parent-child dress with inspiration.

Use the basic model: create the same family and children-Parent dressing

Wearing a ready-made parent-child outfit is the most versatile method of matching the first level, but as long as you choose the style that suits you, you can create a stylish feeling. Buying a large number of parent-child costumes is also relatively expensive. At this time, you can use some basic models smartly to easily create the “illusion” of the same family.

For example, the most common black sweater with a brown bottom, the mother and the child wear it together to become very bright, or a simple white sweater, the family wears the door neatly, the recognition is also very high.

Parent-child dressing Parent-child dressing

Different colors in the same paragraph, stylish further-Parent-child dressing

The same style of clothing is not too laborious, but it is relatively limited. For example, the choice of mother and woman is obviously more than that of mother and child. At this time, we must rely on the matching skills of materials and colors.

For example, Parent-child dressing according to the color to match the basic models, and the children to choose the same style of different colors, there will be more room to play, but also more intentional. Mother wears white and children can wear white. Although simple and simple, they can still feel the relatives and warmth. Or choose different patterns on the choice of sweaters, choose different grids for shirts, and rely on the harmony of the overall style and pink, you can also see that you are a family. The same collocation thinking, you can also choose the same style but different lengths of clothing, such as the same plaid shirt with green bottoms, mother wears a long skirt, the daughter wears a short skirt and trousers, the son can wear shorts, a family Stylish and effortless, you don’t need to buy new clothes.

Parent-child dressing Parent-child dressing

Switching to thinking, do you want to be both fashion and parenting? Instead of just thinking about buying new clothes for children and dressing up the children, it is better to wear a stylish parent-child costume with children to create a unique style.




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