How to choose clothes for your baby?

TIPS 1 : Selects the style by body type-How to choose clothes for your baby

Children love to play, so the comfort of clothes is one of the most important factors. Casual, relaxed, natural, generous, conducive to games, sports, and body development, cute baby appeared.

1.Baby meat wearing keywords: dark, wide-leg pants, round neck

How to choose clothes for your baby How to choose clothes for your baby

2.A relatively thin child, referred to as a hanger

How to choose clothes for your baby 

TIPS 2 : Choose a style by skin tone

1.Baby with a complex skin color: bright, high-definition


2.White-skinned babies choose a wide range, refreshing and natural


3.White fat baby choose cool color

4.White skinny baby chooses warm colors


TIPS 3: The baby’s personality also decided to wear

1.Love sports baby: cotton best sweat, breathable and comfortable

2.Character quiet children: cotton, silk, wool and other fabrics are soft, flexible, pure, spiritual, elegant, intelligent


3.Naughty baby: cowboy with strong and stylish, cute and spirited

The End: Have you seen so many fashionable matches, have you got a little inspiration? Although the babies are all similar, small fleshy, but the clothes that the mother gave them can wear a different style and temperament, with such a tidal baby out of the street, properly made a street shot People !


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