Give parents the inspiration for parent-child wear

Advanced fashion collocation method: dislocation-Give parents the inspiration for parent-child wear

Give parents the inspiration for parent-child wear Give parents the inspiration for parent-child wear

Whether it’s family-friendly or loved ones, or even a girlfriends,

you can choose this advanced method of matching – color or style up and down.

Parent’s clothing is white and black,

and the baby’s clothing can be worn in black and white.

Or the mother and the children’s clothing have a large color block to get echoed,

for example, wearing a brown skirt all over the body,

the child only needs to wear a brown shirt or brown pants.

The color is not necessarily the same,

it can also be echoed in the same color system.

You wear the green of the lake and I wear dark green.

Different models of sweaters can recognize that we are mothers and daughters.

Overall echo, light up the details-Give parents the inspiration for parent-child wear

If the basic model is tired, and you are not willing to buy the same same skirt, you can work on the accessories.

Although the mother and her daughter’s clothing do not have the same style,

but the plush clothing elements plus the white socks above the ankle,

revealing the same slender calf, confirmed that the mother and daughter are no doubt.

This technique is also very suitable for white or black clothing with popular colors,

such as the white dress that the little girl wears most.

Even if the mother chooses the white dress, the concept of parent-child wear is still not outstanding, but with the same model of the fisherman’s hat. It seems different immediately.

Highest level

Since the design of men’s and children’s wear is relatively less than that of women’s wear, there is not much choice for the matching formula of lovers and parent-child wear. When you have tried all the matching methods and want to be more fashionable, I suggest using “temperament” to match. Moreover, you can also add some cultural elements to the parent-child mix.

In fact, parent-child wear is not only to love beauty, but also to establish closer communication with children and the cultivation of TA aesthetics. From an early age, let TA learn to dress yourself up and manage life is the biggest advantage of insisting on parent-child matching. At the same time, by taking pictures to commemorate your parent-child collocation, after the children grow up, looking back together will also be moved by these fashion moments.

Only parents need to carefully examine the wardrobe of themselves and their children, learn from the above matching methods, make good use of the existing clothing, and go out with the cute baby, you can easily attract attention.


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