Sweater For You

A sweater with all is the most fashionable way to open in autumn and winter!

Of course, this sweater for you to select, but it is not easy to wear it. Come and share with you the next autumn and winter sweaters to help you fashion and temperature!

How to choose a sweater for you?

Sweaters pick the right ones for their own talents, but once they are not selected, they will drag your temperament in minutes.

1. Neckline selection

Sweater for you

Different necklines are suitable for different face types: the round neck sweater is suitable for the face of the melon and the face of the goose, which can make your face look slightly rounder.

Sweater for you

The V-neck sweater is the best choice for a wide-shouldered shoulder-shouldered girl.

Sweater for you

High-neck sweaters with strong warmth, whether worn alone or inside, are more style. However, girls with short necks should not try it easily, or they will expose the shortcomings.

2. Length selection

A short sweater with a short length can visually increase the waistline and lengthen the leg line.

If your lower abdomen protrudes, the long sweater can cover the flesh of the stomach and can also modify the hip shape.

How do match a sweater for you?

1.Sweater + dress

No matter what kind of sweater, it can be tacitly matched with the dress. With a linen high-neck sweater and black trousers, it is warm and textured. Cool girls can choose leather skirts, black leather skirts and black sweaters with the same color. The material of the leather skirt is also very suitable for autumn and winter, whether it is with boots or booties are very good! It is comfortable and stylish with the same color, and it is very advanced in autumn and winter.

2.Sweater + shirt

Sweater vest with shirt stacking , you can make your fashion unique and keep warm! Sweaters and shirts are essential basics for wardrobes. The combination of the two is the outstanding effect of 1+1>2, which increases the layering and fashion of the shape. The sweater’s cuffs reveal a retro-style shirt + white trousers, and the British style is full. The collar of the collar that is slightly exposed can be used as a choker to make your style perfect.


Make a high-neck sweater with a close-fitting, then unbutton the shirt and put it on the outside to wear a retro-style chic. The turtleneck sweater is stacked in a slim jacket, stylish and yet stylish. There is also a striped suit with a black sweater inside, which is also very classic and versatile. A pair of jeans can be used.

4.Irregular sweater method

Sweater shawl method.Simply and casually put your sweater on your shoulders, both as a warm item and as a fashion accessory. Autumn and winter are most suitable for creating a sense of high-quality with the same color, and a sweater is put on the coat, and the temperament has a fan. Putting a sweater on his shoulders has a lazy gentleness. The drooping sleeves also have the effect of longitudinal stretching in the visual direction, which makes the body lines more slender. Knotted position also needs to pay attention to, generally about 15 cm in the chin, just in front of the chest to create a “pseudo V-neck”, slim and repair capacity.

Every piece has a variety of wearing methods, and you can find the one that suits you if you wear more.



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