Ring With Clothing

1.Matching the style of wearing-Ring With Clothing

The choice of ring must match the dress of today.

If today’s overall shape is very elegant,

then of course you can’t match a cute cartoon ring;

if you want to create a good style today,

then don’t wear a too bloated ring.

Many girls like to mix and match a lot of rings.

M sister said here that the fashion sense is not determined by the number of rings,

but whether it is timely or just right.

By the way, the golden and geometric ring is the easiest to match with the trend.

These rings will blend well together,

not abrupt or bloated,

and can be said to be a must-have.

Ring With Clothing 

2.Gemstone ring to stand out-Ring With Clothing

Gemstone rings are a favorite of many people,

but in the collocation it is easy to lose focus and appear cluttered.

The focus is coming.

Wear a ring with a large gemstone on the middle finger,

a small gemstone ring on the little finger, and the rest of the fingers wear a simple ring, so that the whole looks symmetrical and reflects each other, no clutter.

3.Ring tones and series-Ring With Clothing

It is best to choose a color tone or a color that can be matched with each other to reduce the clutter.

Or wear a series of rings, such as different jewels of the same kind, such as stars and moons, such as animal shapes.

Let people know that this is a set of matching rings.


4.Small thin rings are best stacked or mixed

A thinner or smaller ring will look very thin if you only wear one, so you can choose to stack or mix and match, and show its beauty through multiple layers of mashups.

If you want to try jewelry stacks and don’t want to be too exaggerated, then this tiny ring is a good choice for you.

Ring With Clothing Ring With Clothing

5.Match with other jewelry

Wearing a ring sometimes seems too thin, and if there are too many things on the hand and there is no jewelry elsewhere, it will look very bloated.

In this case, it is best to match the necklace and bracelet.

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