Round face with slim earrings

1.Round face lacks stereo

At this time, you need clothing or accessories to modify the face shape and lengthen the face proportion. Make your face look more stereoscopic and slender.Pendant-style long earrings are the first choice for round face .

Earring Earring

When people with round faces choose earrings, they must choose long and bone-like. I promise that I must stay away from square and large round earrings, because the large circular image appears repeatedly around the face, which will make the face proportion A wider visual sense. Simple earrings are best for people with round faces, long earrings hanging down, which can make the face have an oval aesthetic effect, adding a lot of gentleness.


Long face with gentle earrings

1.The proportion of the face with a long face is too long

Try a round, scalloped or square earring. Compared with the effect that the round face needs to extend the proportion of the face, the long face should cover the effect of the face length, so that the proportion of the face can be coordinated. It is worth mentioning that you must avoid the shape of the slender column and the oval earrings. If you wear it, it will look longer.


Goose egg face with wild earrings

1.The distribution of goose egg face is more uniform

No matter what kind of earrings you wear, it is very satisfying and it is an enviable type.The goose egg face is very suitable for teardrop-shaped, gourd-shaped or round earrings. The goose egg face is known as the “Angel’s face”. It is the face that many girls envy. However, the goose egg face also has taboos with earrings. The shape is similar to the exclamation mark, heart shape and prism shape. It should be avoided. The long tassel earrings are not suitable for sputum.


Square face temperament earrings

1.The square face is too sharp and angular

Because the edges and corners are too sharp, choose earrings with a certain degree of curvature. This will weaken the hard silhouette of the face. Even a drop-shaped earring must have a suitable length. Don’t pick earrings with sharp edges, such as stars, prisms, and round earrings. Because that would exaggerate the contours of the face. It also looks like a hard, masculine look.


In fact, earrings are one of the essential jewels for every girl. Each earring is like a dress, which is more self-explanatory. The owner of each earring has a beautiful little fairy in her heart.

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