Bourgeois Style

This year, Bourgeois Style will be very popular, which is similar to the “very rich” wearing of middle-class women in the 1970s

1.Bourgeois Style

In the fall of 1977, Yves Saint Laurent’s show map found that shawls and belts are also a good helper for Bourgeois Style.

Bourgeois Style is not difficult to match. First of all, in choosing a single item, it must be a properly tailored version. For example, if you want a jacket with a good shoulder width, the skirt of the skirt should not be too fluffy.

The same is true for sweaters. Be careful not to choose the oversize tops. Xuanmei’s recent private service has also taken the extravagant route.

The lazy sweater is attached to a belt, and the temperament is instantly up!

Bourgeois Style

The shawl will be used less often, but with the shirt and wide-leg pants, it is especially good.

Bourgeois Style

The most important rule of color matching is “unification”. Trying to choose the same color will make it easier to create a sense of quality.

Bourgeois Style

The choice of color is not limited to the basic color, and the color can be very advanced as long as it is unified.

I recommend a set of plaids. It is best to choose a similar color in the shirt.

2.  Celine

Its theme for this fall and winter show is the very classic Bourgeois Style, with the rule of silk scarf + wool pleated skirt + boots


pays more attention to the integrity of the single product and color, and can also add some geometric prints



Several fast fashion brands are also following this upsurge, like Zara’s autumn pictorial this year is to take this extravagant route, there is a big sense of high quality.


If you don’t know how to learn it, then I suggest you learn more about these techniques, so you don’t have to worry about not wearing it every day, or wearing it too old. If you forget it, you can directly collect pictures. Just click and look at the picture. You can also look through the store at any time.


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