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Popular Accessories Matching Introduction

  • Every fashionable woman does not want to be a slave to fashion while pursuing fashion, and should not be bound by jewelry. The simplest and most effective way is to find new combinations in your closet, use your imagination to mix and match in your jewelry box, fully reflect your personality and popularity, and show your new self.
  • Everyone who really knows how to be popular and judged, most of the clothes she wears are traditional clothes, but in the decoration and various accessories, they have adopted the popular meaning, fashionable for her. It’s just a breeze to match all kinds of accessories. A clever accessory that can be the focus of clothing, can make simple clothes or plain clothes with unlimited brilliance.
  • If you accidentally find delicate and cute ornaments on the street, although you don’t need it for a while, but you can’t put it down, take it home! It will come in handy soon. There are so many kinds of accessories, let’s start from the beginning!

1.Hair band accessories-Popular Accessories

Daily wear, mainly small and elegant.

Gorgeous large hair accessories will surely become the focus of the whole body,

which is more suitable for wearing at dinner parties.

Popular Accessories Popular Accessories Popular Accessories Popular Accessories

2.Earring-Popular Accessories

  • Natural crystal earrings are one of the most worn accessories. It has thousands of shapes, but there is one principle to remember, that is, large faces with large earrings and small faces with small earrings. Secondly, the color of the earrings needs to match the clothes, and the matching of the same color is the most insurance. But when wearing plain clothes, the earrings can be combined with belts, purses and shoes to create a contrasting color.
  • The refreshing single-studded earrings are simple and moving, and work, exercise, and housework are all without hindrance. The sparkling light of the diamond shines with your movement, making you dazzling in the office, sports field and kitchen.



3.Necklace-Popular Accessories

Small and delicate necklaces can be worn by everyone.

A short necklace can only be worn by a slender person with a narrow neck,

and a person with a short neck is suitable for wearing a long item.

The necklace has a great decorative effect, a simple necklace, and it is not bad to wear a few.


4.Ring-Popular Accessories

The slender and long fingers are the most beautiful way to show the diamonds.

It is fun to match any style of diamond ring.

The simple single-grained diamonds are visually thick and short and the fingers are becoming slender.

The petite shape of the hand is the best choice with a single platinum diamond ring, elegant and beautiful, alone with the style of Xiaojiabiyu.






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