Autumn and winter men’s dresses match

Autumn and winter men’s dresses match, let you have shape and keep warm


The linen shirt has a slightly drape, not as rigid as other fabrics. Try to choose a looser style when you buy, so that you can not look so tight. However, in the choice of color, try to choose a relatively calm color such as gray and blue, comfortable and without losing texture.

Autumn and winter men's dresses match

2. Jacket + shirt

If the weather gets colder, wear a pullover over the shirt. Remember that the shirt collar and hem must be exposed, and the layers will be more distinct and rich. The hem can’t be exposed too much. Then wear a casual color solid coat.

Autumn and winter men's dresses match  Autumn and winter men's dresses match


The solid color sweater is also a rigorous choice for autumn and winter. You can use a hooded sweater inside the jacket to make it look light and lively. Or a thick sweater, but make sure that the stitching and the needle are sufficiently rigid and strong, otherwise the looseness is really not very influent. If you feel monotonous, you can add a scarf.

4. Put on the coat

I have always felt that the autumn and winter seasons are the days of showcasing coats. At this time, you can bring a handsome and handsome coat to keep you warm while at the same time.


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