How to choose the best children’s clothes

Nowadays, children’s clothing styles are more and more colorful. Parents must not only carefully identify the material materials of the clothes, but also check whether the quality of sewing is good. So, how should parents interpret the many signs on children’s clothes? How to choose the right size for the baby? What should we pay attention to when choosing children’s clothes for the baby?
Various signs on children’s clothes

children's clothes

1. children’s clothes Trademark, factory name, factory address

Parents must first pay attention to the trademark on children’s wear and the factory name and address of the garment factory. This is a strong evidence for judging fake and inferior products. Only producers have marked their products with the correct name and address, indicating that they are responsible for the products produced and sold. If there is no obvious trademark on the children’s clothing and the correct factory name and site, this may be a fake product. The clothes are very cheap compared to ordinary children’s clothes, and parents are fooled if they are eager to buy them cheaply.


2. Apparel model

Parents should also pay attention to the clothing symbol on the clothing, which is a must for formal goods. Only if you choose the right size can you wear comfortable clothes. If the clothes are too large, too fat, too tight, will have a bad impact on the baby’s body. Usually the label of the clothing model distinguishes the number from the type with a slash. For example, a T-shirt reads 135/65, which refers to a baby who is 135 tall and has a chest circumference of 65 or so. When choosing children’s clothes, parents should pay attention to those clothes that are slightly looser than the baby’s current body.

3. Ingredient identification

The ingredient logo on children’s wear refers to the composition of the clothing material, including inside and outside materials. Parents also need to see if the numbers in the logo are clear, such as fiber content and proportion. If the clothing is not a single fabric, it also depends on whether the composition and quantity of the filler are marked.

4. Laundry marks and instructions

Parents should pay attention to whether or not the symbols and related instructions are marked on the clothes. If you decide to purchase, you must ask the salesperson about the washing and maintenance of the clothes. The washing precautions and preservation tips are marked in normal clothes, which not only facilitates the buyer’s use and cleaning of clothes, but also protects the buyer’s legal interests. After purchase, wash and save according to these signs. If the parents follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the clothes, if there is a quality gap, the manufacturer can be asked to remedy, otherwise the manufacturer can not claim compensation or replace the damaged clothes.

5. Qualification, etc..

We all know that the most important sign of clothes is the certificate of conformity, which is also its entry certificate into the market. A qualified garment shall have at least the following marks-certificate of conformity, product execution standard number, product quality grade. In general, children’s wear signs are made of softer fabrics and can not be placed in a position where they can “come into close contact” with the baby’s skin. Otherwise, it is easy to scratch the baby’s skin.

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